Oraceli the Dalahart

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24 Feb 2018
21 Mar 2018
27 Dec 2019
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About Dalahart Eggs

Dalahart eggs are usually found during the month of February. They are usually found by love letters, and will probably appear if you leave a love letter or note outside. The envelope that is attached to a Dalahart egg cannot be removed, but the letters they contain can. The Dalahart, in egg form, will communicate to their owners through messages and doodles. Every now and then, a message can appear in the envelope, usually filled with scribbles.

About the Dalahart Creature

The Dalahart carries an envelope everywhere they go. They give out letters to pedestrians and their owners, usually consisting of little doodles that makes the person smile. Throughout their life, they will create thousands of letters. They use ink to create their letters, and usually end up getting covered in ink. That's why they seem to have blotches of ink on them and their fur. Dalaharts are sweethearts. Whenever they see someone, or something that is feeling sad, they will give them a letter. Dalaharts will always try to cheer you up. ..through paper, of course! As they grow up, Dalaharts will continuously give out more letters. Eventually they will want to find the one they want to spend their lives with, the letters acting as a way to communicate to others of their species. If you have two Dalaharts in your home, expect to go through a lot of paper and randomly have ink splotches appearing out of nowhere.