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6 Jan 2020
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About Gilyon Eggs

Gilyon eggs are only found in the communal sleeping area of a Gilyon pack's den. The fluffy nature of these eggs helps insulate the area during colder winter/spring nights. Once the weather warms and the eggs hatch, small, playful, yipping Gilyons come pouring out of the dens. The antics of the young Gilyons can be quite the sight to see.

About the Gilyon Creature

Gilyons are often considered pests for their magpie-like behavior of hoarding shiny things which they use to decorate around the openings of their dens, both inside and out. The bulk of the hoard can found in a special chamber within the den. Most of a Gilyon pack's hoard is made up of tin foil, bits of glass, and lost change. There are tales of those who find a great wealth gold and jewels inside abandoned Gilyon dens. However this sort of luck only ever seems to happen in tales.