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-Buddha- the Olimpt


-Buddha-'s happiness is 0 out of 100.

Owner: bean
Stolen: 28 Apr 2010
1,041,533 +3,682
4,603 +87
2,477 +17
Main - @carter
First Account - @ilovedogs
Second Account - @hiddensecrets
Fourth Account - @bean

(Other Accounts on my IP) - Both players quit
Sister - @rilla (+ possible lost sides)
Mother - @wispa (+ possible lost sides)

About Olimpt Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Creature Release Week in April 2010.

About the Olimpt Creature

Olimpt are a very friendly species of cat. They roam the jungles of Ark and, naturally, enjoy catching jungle mice. As Olimpt evolve, they become more fierce. But they are always kind and gentle toward their owners.