Negta the Pipared

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1 Apr 2018
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"Negta" = "Nectar" (Korean)

About Pipared Eggs

Pipared eggs are often nestled in a bed of soft, warm flowers. If the flowers themselves don't get enough sunlight, the egg will not hatch. Thankfully, the color of the egg acts as a natural camouflage from being out in open sunshine.

About the Pipared Creature

The function of Pipareds is similar to that of bees: using their beak, they drink and extract nectar from flowers for food. As they go from flower to flower, they cross-pollinate. Pipareds are very quick-flying birds, which means that a flock of them can pollinate an entire field of flowers in an afternoon.

That being said, Pipareds do not "fly solo." They are almost always with a group of 5 or more. In terms of temperament, Pipareds are very agreeable birds unless they're competing for food from the same flower (which isn't normally a problem as flowers are plentiful). When flying together in the sky, they make a V formation like geese do.

Pipareds are vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem on the island; they are protected from hunting by the Town Hall in Ark City and, by law, must be allowed to fly free (away from their owners) at least 8 hours minimum per day.