Otpyrc the Crypto

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1 Apr 2018
1 Apr 2018
8 Apr 2019
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"Your creature Otpyrc has evolved to stage 4!"
Hate to break it to you, but this is stage 3

About Crypto Eggs

Resembling that of a computer processing chip, this so-called egg easily reaches a peak of 70°C while undergoing intense computations. It also makes for an efficient, albeit unconventional, space heater according to several Crypto enthusiasts.

About the Crypto Creature

Computer engineers designed the Crypto in response to the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies on Ark within the past several years. It utilizes its inherent financial knowledge to provide guidance for Arkians looking to invest their money into a virtual currency.

The Crypto possesses an incredibly complex artificial intelligence that is continuously learning, allowing the creature to instantly adapt and revise its methods while monitoring the market. While the advice supplied by a Crypto is seen to have a high success rate in regards to cryptocurrencies, it notoriously lacks confidence in fields outside of business. Suggestions given out by a Crypto which pertains to anything unrelated to money should generally be ignored.