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A poem for @Qerrats and @Moonweaver

Qerrats!!!! Moonweaver!!! Where are you?

Can't you hear my plea.
I guess it's only me.

Qerrats is gone before my eyes.
Moonweaver is too, to my despise.

What should I do on the internet?
I guess talking to people I just met.

But I cry to my dear Qerrats!!!!
Why don't rats wear hats?

I've moved on with Eggcave.
Moonweaver I now crave.

Yet she is gone.
Maybe her name is John.

I will never know.
She values her privacy like my friend mo.

It's rather fun writing this poem.
I've become numb.

To the world around me I cry.
I might as well Internet-ally die.

Oh how I'm not even sure that, that's a real word.
My memory is slurred.

Faces are gone.
My friends, a non.

The internet is where I go.
Fake friends I give my woe.

I wish to become a writer,
But even that has come back a biter.

I am the queen of talking to myself.
Does this skill really matter, or does it need to go on the shelf?

I admit I cheat, and pretend.
We all do that though, now and then.

"What's the big deal?" I ask myself.
"I always knew this would crumble on itself."

"Why do i care?"
I laugh and cry as any human would dare.

I was always find myself in the same place in the end.
Trying to find things that are broken and mend.

It never works.
The pieces of me always fall into smoke like fireworks.

Can't you hear my plea.
I guess it's only me.

About Mossoroo Eggs

Mossoroo eggs are found in the Northern Plains; how they manage to stay moist and full of life in the midst of an unforgiving desert is a mystery to the Science and Research Center in Ark City.

About the Mossoroo Creature

Mossoroos, native to the dry Northern Plains, are a source of greenery and life in the vast desert. A nutrient-rich, wet moss grows on their backs that many desert creatures flock to for sustenance. Some small creatures ride on the backs of Mossoroos not to eat the moss but to benefit from its moisture (though others do eat it in small portions).

Mossoroos are able to sustain this moss with energy and moisture from their own bodies. This does come with some drawbacks: the drier and hotter the day is, the quicker a Mossoroo can become dehydrated. Severe dehydration can kill a Mossoroo so on the hottest days they often seek shade and water from desert oases.

Mossoroos are sometimes referred to as "The Walking Oasis."