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14 Jan 2020
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About Foka Eggs

Foka eggs are laid in the coldest waters of the Ocean south of the island of Ark. Using the tail attached to the egg, they can move themselves small distances to ensure that they stay close enough to the island. They move closer and closer toward the island when they are approaching their hatch date to be raised by their mom and dad on the beach.

About the Foka Creature

Foka pups are very energetic, friendly, and social creatures. They enjoy meeting others of their kind and don't mind being in close proximity to Arkians. Because of their terribly heavy weight, they don't make good indoor pets (the floor of your house might collapse!). Per regulation from the Town Hall in Ark City, Fokas must be kept on Ark's beaches and oceans. They aren't allowed as pets and for good reason!

Although they stay on the beaches and in the ocean away from Ark City, Fokas have great memory and remember their masters when they come by to visit. You can expect to always receive a warm greeting from your Foka; it's like a special reunion that's made anew each time.