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About Threebot Eggs

The mechanical wonder of the Threebot egg really focuses on helping everything: the environment, your eardrums, and your electricity bill. The secret? Solar power. It reduces the whirring noise down to a pulp and doesn't require an outlet to "hatch." Just set your Threebot egg outside and wait. It takes an average of 3 days to "hatch". Arkitech is in the process of reducing this wait time, but popular demand forced their hand. We'll just have to wait.

About the Threebot Creature

After many complaints from customers of the Twobot, © Arkitech Incorporated (the makers of the Macbot, Twobot, Wregeon) figured out that solar power can increase battery life by 36 hours! This means more time for cleaning, sweeping, dusting, cooking (an improvement from the Twobot), and pulling up any data. This has made the Threebot the second most profitable product in Arkian history, only beaten by the Cash Shop Park's Essence of Litsdnats.

When a Threebot loses a lot of power, it goes into a sort of dormant state, maintaining enough power to show basic units like time or battery level until it is placed back in sunlight. In this dormant state, it can still use its special voice recognition feature. This feature allows it to detect if an intruder is using your Threebot and will lock all functions until the owner's voice is detected.

One of the few downsides are wear and tear of the wire casing. Over time, these wire casings peel apart, making them less water resistant and may lose functionality of some features. Nothing is perfect...