Embryo_Snails the Goggy

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24 Sep 2018
16 Dec 2018
10 May 2019
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24 September 4:50 AM ECT
Visited the Thief Shop
You pay the shopkeeper 584,532 EC and receive your Mystery Egg.

A special glow begins to envelope this egg. It appears to be hatching...

YOU TAKE YOUR MYSTERY EGG SUCCESSFULLY!!! You're overwhelmed with excitement as you gaze upon your brand-new baby egg. You immediately have feelings of love and care for your creature. You notice that it's a Goggy and can't wait for it to grow up.

Congratulations, you have received XZCJBfmC the Goggy
Renamed Embryo_Snails

About Goggy Eggs

Despite the translucent and jelly-like appearance of Goggy eggs, they are actually quite sturdy. The shell is partially translucent allowing one to actually see the creature inside developing. Goggy eggs are commonly used as teaching aids in classrooms.

About the Goggy Creature

Goggies are found everywhere in Leila, but especially in and around gardens much to the displeasure of gardeners. Goggies will eat many varieties of plants and if not controlled can decimate a garden.