Ilmapallo the Mimos

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1 Oct 2018
9 Nov 2019
14 Jan 2020
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About Mimos Eggs

Well this creature looks like it loves Halloween...although it's a little creepy.

About the Mimos Creature

The Mimos is a grand trickster. They loved to get together during the month of Halloween and play pranks on everyone. From salty candy, dressing up as ghosts, and just scaring people...the Mimos will do it all. It probably helps that it really doesn't need to wear a costume to be scary. When it isn't the month of October, the Mimos loves to put on little shows. They love being the typical clown for all events. Birthday parties? You got one. Random circus performance? One is always there. A lot of speculation has come about with the presentation of the Mimos and the teapot. Many people believe this is where they get their abilities to float and be fantastic entertainers. Some say that the Mimos is actually a spirit and the teapot contains them from doing anything too crazy. Many people have their own theories. Perhaps you just need to own one to make your own.