Lovehart the Pantheart

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18 Feb 2012
19 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018
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Lovehart: An intentional misspelling of "loveheart".

Apparently, "hart" is also an archaic term for a stag / male deer. So, in a way, this name could also mean something like "lovestag" or "lovedeer".

Thank you for making this possible, @asi! Lovehart died sometime around 2012 due to inactivity.

About Pantheart Eggs

This egg was only given out from February 14-17, 2012.

Pantheart eggs continually beat in a constant rhythm, similar to a human heart. Most likely due to their egg's unique shape, Panthearts thrive at normal, indoor conditions and hatch at room temperature. The ribbon wrapped around these eggs actually play a large role in a Pantheart's development and cannot be removed.

About the Pantheart Creature

Despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, Panthearts are actually one of the most empathetic and understanding creatures in all of Ark. Panthearts are commonly referred to as "love doctors" by their owners and have the ability to not only fix the relationship problems of their owners but also find the perfect soulmate of any person in Ark. Often times near Valentine's Day, Arkians can be seen walking with their Panthearts hoping to come across their true love. However, it isn't easy to gain a Pantheart's trust and affection; a close bond must be developed before a Pantheart will begin to help its owner with his or her love life.