YuleGold the Falcena

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21 Dec 2018
21 Sep 2019
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About Falcena Eggs

Wow this egg is really colorful and extremely heavy. It must be made of some type of metal. Perhaps...gold? Oh man, I hope that crack doesn't mean anything bad.

About the Falcena Creature

The Falcena is born from gold. Yep, you heard us right. Falcena's love gold so much they are born from it. If you want to help make your Falcena happy, then put lots of Egg Coins around them. At the beginning the Falcena doesn't have any feathers, but the rainbow coloring of the eggs go into helping the baby inside find their way home. You know that they say if you follow a rainbow, you are guaranteed to find a Falcena at the end of it. As the Falcena grows and matures, their feathers start to gain color until they are the vibrant hues of a rainbow. Since Falcena's are born from gold, they always are shiny like a nice polished stone. After every storm, the Falcenas help paint the sky by following the rainbows to and from. If you are looking for them, just lay out some Egg Coins and they will come running back.