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31 December 2009
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Hi there! I'm one of the site staff. Its my job to make sure the rules are followed and that this site stays fun and fair for everyone. Occasionally I help come up with site ideas and write creature descriptions.

Please DO NOT ask if my creatures/names/CC/ect. are up for trade, the answer will be No every time. Unless it's in the Trade Center absolutely NOTHING is for trade.

My item collection can be found here.


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loveyoumore • 9 hours ago

wow I read the views wrong on my creature I thought it said 1000 views and it said 10000 I did 100cc and I lost it because I couldn't see lol

wild_wonders • 9 hours ago

oh thats news is it a constant cooldown time or does it gradually increase with the amount of eggs found?

wild_wonders • 9 hours ago

cool, thanks does it still work if you continuously reload the page?

wild_wonders • 9 hours ago

any spots you suggest on the site for easter egg hunting

loveyoumore • 9 hours ago

how many have you found?

loveyoumore • 9 hours ago

Oh okay. that sucks are you playing too?

loveyoumore • 10 hours ago

why are they all listed if you do not get them? I really want that Nyacos

loveyoumore • 10 hours ago

this my first one and I am going blind so it hard to see them. I thought that you get Bunny? that what people have said before. they got Spoto and others Yubby

loveyoumore • 10 hours ago

why are the eggs so tiny?

rashka • 5 days ago


rashka • 5 days ago

lol! but i was happy an admin came to me! have a nice day!

rashka • 5 days ago

pleased to help! hum... thanks you for what??

lordwinnie • 5 days ago

How do I delete my account?

wizard • 1 week ago

Thanks again!

wizard • 1 week ago

Thank you for the feeds!

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