Mimiga the Yubby

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29 Apr 2011
3 Jan 2019
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Mimiga: A species of white-furred creatures in Cave Story, which look like a cross between a dog and a rabbit.

Thank you once again, @asi, for making this possible! This poor fella died sometime in 2011 / 12.

Originally named "ChocolateNight". Followed the same "stolen at night according to the site's time" naming theme as Nightside that younger me had for some reason. The 'theme' was essentially just "random word with night or nighttime stuck next to it".

This was the original description. It was my old Sketchfu drawings that were made before the site died. They were horrendous, so be glad that you'll probably never see them.
Look: http://sketchfu.com/drawing/3429733-ghosty-finding-balrogipuwet
(My owner is ScytherGirl on Sketchfu!)

Check out her other drawings too. More coming soon...

About Yubby Eggs

This egg was only given out for Easter 2011.

About the Yubby Creature

Yubbies are some of the most peaceful bunnies in Ark. They make frequent friends with Onnies and are seen collaborating with Onnies regularly. During Easter holiday celebrations, Yubbies and Onnies (along with many other types of bunnies from around Ark) will virtually overrun the City and pass out free Easter eggs and chocolate. It is also rumored that patting a single Yubby's tail 3 times in a row on Easter is a good luck charm.