-Gourdon- the Gourdie

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27 Dec 2018
14 Apr 2019
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About Gourdie Eggs

This gourd is strangely warm, even at night.

About the Gourdie Creature

Gourdies appear, as if by magic, in fields all over Ark during harvest time. Gourdies hold a very unique position in Ark's superstitions, they are both signs of prosperity and a good harvest but also of a poor harvest and sickly crops. One or two Gorudies appearing in a small field or garden are taken to be a sign of a healthy garden and a good harvest, however if more than a dozen were to appear in the same field/garden it would be seen as a sign of a poor harvest, of crops dying on the vine before they can be harvested. Oddly enough these signs are reversed for large fields and farms.