Arangu the Dropalla

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15 Jan 2019
6 Apr 2019
20 Nov 2020
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About Dropalla Eggs

If you attempt to touch a Dropalla egg, its outer layer will unfurl and hiss at you! There seems to be something very mean about this creature.

About the Dropalla Creature

The Dropalla is a carnivorous and vicious relative of the herbivorous and peaceful koala bear. Their method of attack is savage and deadly: they wait in eucalyptus or gum trees and, when their prey is located directly underneath them, they drop down from above and attack with their claws and teeth. Their teeth can grow to an enormous 130 centimeters long.

There are several methods that Arkians who roam the Forests use to prevent Dropalla attacks. The most popular solution is wearing a crown of forks (facing upward) on your head. Some also say that the scent of toothpaste and urine are also good at repelling Dropallas, although this information has not been confirmed or formally studied by the Science and Research Center in Ark City.

Dropallas only hunt and attack at night.