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17 Jan 2019
24 May 2022
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About Arkchie Eggs

Arkchie eggs produce a very unpleasant stench that can only be described as a volatile combination of rotten fish, raw sewage, and hydrogen sulfide.

About the Arkchie Creature

For a species that can reach a massive maximum length of 12 meters in adulthood, the Arkchie's ability to remain virtually undetected in the relatively small waters of Ark Bay makes it a living phenomenon. It is for this reason that the Science and Research Center speculates it may not actually be native to the bay but rather a visitor from the unknown depths surrounding the island.

An enduring theory regarding the Arkchie's existence is that several heavily mutated Igsoros, birthed from an exposure to hazardous waste carelessly dumped into Ark Bay, reproduced and evolved into their own distinct species. Anthropological records indicate that supposed sightings of this creature date back to early human history, long preceding industrialism, conflicting with the notion that it originated from human interference.