Doomwalkerz the Doomwalker

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19 Jan 2019
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About Doomwalker Eggs

Doomwalker eggs can only be found during the evening hours of exceptionally foggy days.

About the Doomwalker Creature

There are many reported sightings of Doomwalkers but actual solid evidence of the existence of the Doomwalker species is hard to come by. As such information about Doomwalkers varies wildly, however there are couple things that can be agreed upon. Doomwalkers seem to be nocturnal as they are only spotted at night and that they seem to be harbingers of misfortune as any sighting is soon followed by a string of bad luck or disaster. There is some speculation that Doomwalkers exist in some other dimension or plane of existence and can only manifest on Ark under specific circumstances. Currently there is a small group of scientists attempting to gain the funding needed to research whether Doomwalkers, and other mysterious creatures, actually exist and anything else about these elusive species.