yogyakarta the Lovca

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a city in indonesia.

About Lovca Eggs

This creature seems to enjoy water. Yes even the egg seems to make noises and shake with happiness when in water. So you should keep it very close if not submerged in water while waiting for the creature inside to hatch.

About the Lovca Creature

The Lovca is a creature that is typically not native to the land of Ark, but every year around February you can usually spot their pods around Ark Beach. No one knows exactly where they come from, but what we do know is that every year around Valentine's Day Lovca pods of all shapes and sizes migrate to the Ark region. It is said in legends passed down from generation to generation that a strange phenomenon occurs whenever the Lovca is near. Love seems to be in the air all around and citizens of ark will fall in love left and right. However when the month of February is over and the Lovcas leave, everyone returns to normal. Are the Lovcas responsible? Or is it just all the chocolate?

It seems we may never know the answer. The SAR center does their best to research them, but since they are only around once a year it becomes a very difficult task. However, what we do know about the Lovca is that they huddle together with hugs in order to keep each other warm. Their blubber gets very warm and is the perfect cozy temperature for cuddling in the cold winter months. And of course, whenever they are in love, they can spout the most beautiful and precise heart shaped bubbles.