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About the name:

[ Adjective ] Astonished to think back on the bizarre sequence of accidents that brought you to where you are today—as if you’d spent years bouncing down a Plinko pegboard, passing through a million harmless decision points, any one of which might’ve changed everything—which makes your long and winding path feel fated from the start, yet so unlikely as to be virtually impossible.

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About Aries Eggs

The eggs are cold to the touch. It appears to be encased in a metal-like material, decorated with diamonds around the sunset-colored fur that covers the outer shell. A sparkling aura rises from the torch-like accessories on the sides of the egg. The diamonds that cover the egg are charged by moonlight, which helps the creature to hatch.

About the Aries Creature

These creatures come out when night has fallen and the stars are shining brightly. They have no wings, yet they are able to gallop across the night sky, their sparkling auras trailing behind them. In Ark Mythology, these creatures are said to gallop across the upper reaches of Ark's atmosphere, spreading their sparkling aura to create new stars. The horns that protrude from its head are made of pure diamonds and when the moonlight hits them just right as they are galloping, the night sky is filled with an Aurora Borealis.

They do not require food or drink as sustenance, just the light from the moon to keep them healthy and alive.