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About Krusdot Eggs

These eggs are coated in a glass-like transparent shell that shimmers like stained glass in the sun. Many Arkians like to collect Krusdot egg shards to put them back together into beautiful orbs. These beautiful egg shells are on high demand as Christmas ornaments, Easter decorations, and as something pretty for your house in general.

About the Krusdot Creature

Krusdot are a beautiful species of flying rodents that inhabit Ark. Unlike their relatives, the Flickle, Krusdot have feathered wings that shimmer stunning colors in the sun. They are called church mice by many, as these unique mice can be found making nests on some of the oldest chapels around Ark City, so they are quite difficult to find. They can be found living and nesting in the rafters and overhangs cathedrals around Ark. Many believe this is because the stained glass helps hide their eggs from other creatures that prey on their kind.

Krusdot are also very dedicated parents and are a model species in this regard.