Eisa the Edderpol

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About Edderpol Eggs

Some say that when they hold this egg, they feel their inner fire burn stronger inside of their heart.

About the Edderpol Creature

Opal: inner fire and intuition

Found deep within the darkest places of the Cave, the body of Edderpols consist of the opal stone. The Edderpol can make itself glow in the dark to be seen when it wants to. It can also make itself entirely black when hunting for other small, living creatures on the Cave's floor, so as not to be seen.

Some people will attempt to capture this spider and hold it captive in a jar to absorb its beneficial properties. Some Arkians say this creature will help you get in touch with yourself. This type of captivity, however, is prohibited and illegal under the Town Hall's "inhumane captivity" laws.

Edderpols have an extremely poisonous bite and bite even when unprovoked.