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Thank you so much to @calenlass for the trade ❤️

About Meysko Eggs

It is said that close proximity to a Meysko egg will prevent intoxication and poisoning. In recent years this myth has been debunked but there are many who still put stock in the tale.

About the Meysko Creature

Amethyst: relaxation and clarity

A Meysko's diet consists of not only plant matter but certain rocks/minerals as well. This diet causes the Meysko to grow crystalline structures on its body. These crystals are multipurpose, acting as both a defensive measure and as a means of attracting a mate. Each spring Meyskoes will shed some of their accumulated crystals allowing for the growth of larger and more elaborate structures.

Due to the false belief that a Meysko's crystals neutralize poisons there is a steady trade on the black market for them. This has led to Meyskoes being over hunted and the population is nearing endangered status. The SAR Center does what it can to try and educate the public in order to preserve the Meyskoes population.