Varina the Prath

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9 Dec 2011
19 Aug 2019
5 Aug 2019
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~ ŋơῳ Ɩɛɬ ɬɧɛ ąɛʂɬɧɛɬıƈʂ ƈơɱɱɛŋƈɛ ~

About Prath Eggs

This egg was only given out in December of 2011.

Prath eggs are generally found at the peaks of mountains and have a thin layer of fur that allows them to survive the prevalent storms and strong winds.

About the Prath Creature

The Prath is fierce-looking tiger that roams the snowy mountains of Ark. However, owners brave enough to raise Prath have found that they can be extremely docile. Especially throughout the holiday season, Prath are joyous and festive creatures and enjoy nothing more than curling up in front of a cozy fireplace. Prath are pacifistic to a fault, however, and will do almost anything to avoid resorting to physical violence. Because of this, the Prath population is slowly diminishing. Their terrifying appearance makes them highly misunderstood by the general populous.