Fletchii the Fetti

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21 Jul 2019
8 Sep 2020
2 Jul 2020

Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)

About Fetti Eggs

Every year on Ark, citizens will celebrate the coming of their beloved island on the 20th of July. During this huge event, Fetti eggs will magically appear in the weirdest of places, from under the couch to inside a bag of rice. You're definitely out of luck if an egg appears near or on your food... the infamous shedding of the tail is bound to knit itself into a blanket before you can even see the food.

There is no procedure when hatching Fetti. In fact, they choose the worst possible moment to hatch. No one knows why, but many suspect it's due to the creature's notorious need to party. Loving the egg through hugging, grooming, and many other ways will usually ensure that the Fetti chooses a more appropriate time to hatch. To be fair, that tail makes a very good pillow, and the Fetti inside would do anything to have you sleep on it again!

About the Fetti Creature

Streamers? Check. Balloons? Got it. Bells and other noise making trinkets? Check that off too. Fettis are your #1 party suppliers! Gifted with the ability to find lost things (and things you need), you'll never lose track of what's on your list.

Near Ark's birthday, you can hear the Fetti bells chiming through the streets. While the sounds are charming at first, eventually these enthusiastic creatures will lose their cool and start throwing their bells around, making the loudest racket you'll ever hear.

Long story short, you are never, ever going to have any peace and quiet when living with a Fetti. Just imagine the possibilities...