Sachrine the Sacchotton

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About Sacchotton Eggs

Sacchotton eggs carry an almost sickly-sweet fragrance that may very well deter any nearby sweet tooth the same as it would attract them. A lower percentage in humidity is recommended throughout the incubation process as excessive moisture will dampen and even dissolve the egg's fluffy wool coat into a sticky, syrupy mess.

About the Sacchotton Creature

Once an uncommon sight on Ark's farmlands, the Sacchotton has since become a staple species of livestock for many farmers and entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the rise in demand for alternative natural sweeteners to common household sugar. The Sacchotton's fleece contains a rather unique chemical compound (sacchottose) that is 250 times higher than sucrose on the sweetness index. The sheered wool can be directly eaten as-is, usually marketed as "Sacchotton Candy" by vendors, or further processed into a refined granular form that can be used as a sugar substitute.

Because of its popularity, many of the sugar-free products at The Bakery and Finley's Flavors have switched over to sacchottose as their primary sweetener.