Tymo the Rannin

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1 Sep 2019
28 Jan 2020
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"I got this one with the shroomdog. Go big or go home, and I certainly don't want to go home. See shroomdog for real message"
(On Drakimi) "This one was just to annoy you a bit more. See the shroomdog for the real note"
(On Mushri) "You said you wanted this little pupper. You should know better by now to say that if you dont want me to gift you. We may be getting older (today you), but I'll still always be that annoying trash can that tries to spoil you with gifts .

~@stevepat2002 (aka Annoying Trash Can) [note, that is a self made name, not others]"

Gifted to me by @stevepat2002 for my birthday Thank you.

Stage 2: 1/28/20

About Rannin Eggs

Brightly colored scales with metallic golden centers cover the bottom of the egg and a tuft of green fur adorns the top. The scales act as protection for the egg, keeping it safe from cracking while the creature inside grows. When the scales begin to fall off, the egg will hatch sometime the same day.

About the Rannin Creature

Rannin are as bright and cheerful as the colors of their scales, and have personalities as shining as their golden antlers. They love to help others -creature and human alike- and enjoy learning new things, which makes them great companion creatures. If you want a creature as friendly and helpful as it is colorful, a Rannin is the creature for you!

A young Rannin's scales are pastel in color, and once they are old enough their baby scales will shed. The baby scales are then replaced with much more saturated adult scales. Rannin scales are often collected after shedding and made into jewelry and other fine crafts. Scales taken from a Rannin by force are useless, as they lose all color immediately upon removal.