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About Mushri Eggs

The crisp breeze of autumn on Ark signifies the advent of fall activities and festivities for many Arkians. Mushroom hunting, a popular past time around the denser and forested parts of Ark, always tends to stumble upon some interesting mushrooms and creatures, sometimes both. If one is lucky enough to stumble upon a Mushri egg deep in the woods, it is said to bring an abundance of good food and health for the remainder of the year. The egg itself is has a sponge-like texture with natural-occurring fungi growing along its exterior. It is believed that the fungi and the egg have created a symbiotic relationship to benefit each other in the wilderness. There are over sixteen different recorded species of fungus growing on a Mushri egg and it is a mushroom hunter's dream to be able to find one of these elusive eggs in its natural habitat.

About the Mushri Creature

The cute physical appearance of the Mushri is an odd feature when compared to its almost repulsive smell protruding from its ever-growing fungi on its pudgy bod. Though ever playful, Mushris are double-edged blades when it comes to its body's ecosystem. Most fungi that grow on a Mushri are extremely poisonous as to deter any potential predators but also attract prey to its succulent spores that are unfortunate enough to take a bite out of the creature. It does not eat like normal creatures but rather acts more like a fungi, only needing a damp environment and a bit of moisture.

The low maintenance of owning a Mushri as a pet makes it popular for the more timid and shy pet owners.