Havenia the Sammied

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29 Sep 2019
22 Jun 2020
22 Feb 2020
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About Sammied Eggs

It seems like a small growl keeps coming from this egg whenever you leave it alone for too long. Perhaps you should just take this lovely creature with you. But don't remove the star! That's the most important part to the growing creature within.

About the Sammied Creature

The Sammied, or Sam for short, is always smiling when they see you. The worst thing that you could do for your Sammied is to leave them alone. They always need company! You will constantly need to brush your Sammied as their hair can constantly get tangled. To have a nice shiny coat, make sure to brush your Sammied at least once a week. The star on top of the Sammied's head helps keep their coat looking like the beautiful sunset colors that they have. If the star happens to be damaged or removed, their coat will start to turn dark and dull. It isn't really known why there are sparkles on the Sammied's coat, but many speculate that the stars give the creatures magical properties. If anything is noticed, please report it to the SARC immediately.