Pamsula the Panumkin

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About Panumkin Eggs

Almost all Panumkin eggs can be found during the late fall harvest season. Panumkin eggs have a thick shell and often need help when it comes to hatching.

About the Panumkin Creature

All Panumkin have a touch of nature magic within them. Panumkins are able to use this magic instinctively, no training required. This spark of magic coupled with the Panumkin's giving and caring nature leads many to become organizers of community gardens. There a Panumkin will use their magic to not only enhance their own plants but those of others as well, ensuring that everyone has a good harvest. The oldest of the Panumkins will leave small flowers and long grass in their wakes as their magic begins to seep uncontrollably out of their paws.

Every year several Panumkins will get together to grow and shape the Corn Maze (a new pattern every year) for the annual Halloween Fair.