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18 Dec 2020
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About Pengarland Eggs

The thick down feather that covers the base of Pengarland eggs is an effective insulator that can weather practically any snowstorm or subfreezing temperatures.

About the Pengarland Creature

Pengarlands are highly social creatures that congregate in colonies that range from several hundred to several thousand members. In the same way that no two snowflakes are alike, every Pengarland chick and its parents share a unique call that is used to identify each other among the huge crowd. These calls are often so intricately melodic that they have even been used as the basis for some of Ark's most popular holiday tunes.

During the breeding season, male Pengarlands will rummage around and collect trinkets to decorate their bushy manes as a means for attracting mates. Bachelors who are lucky enough to find a discarded Adarna feather or misplaced Bauble in the snow are destined for a successful season and lifelong partner.