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About Tortell Eggs

Every egg is laid with exactly 150 dots of different colors, which stand for the 150 days until the egg hatches. Each dot fades which each day and once no dots are left the Tortell emerges from its shell.

About the Tortell Creature

Tortells are very slow creatures. They take almost half a year to hatch, another half a year to get out from its shell, and many more years to reach their full size. Tortells live for at least 500 years and the oldest recorded Tortell lived up to 2438 years. They live for a long time because each Tortell can only mate five times throughout its life and, on average, about two of those five times are unsuccessful.

Tortells hard shells are very brightly colored. No two Tortell shells have the same shade of color.

Legends say that the world was once black and white, until a pair of mysteriously vibrant eggs appeared in the depths of the Cave. They were the ancestors of all with color, even humans. Soltores are direct descendants of Tortells and share similar characteristics. Tortells are therefore highly respected.