CaramelDrizzle the Innu

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20 Jan 2020
13 Nov 2020
10 Apr 2021
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Star Potion
Generous gift from @nightslayer300!
CaramelCream the Innu’s best friend
NOT/NEVER FOR TRADE! CaramelCream would be so sad to see her friend go…
Thanks for reading CaramelDrizzle’s profile!*
*if you have the time it would be appreciated if you feed both him and CaramelCream
Name: CaramelDrizzle
Favorite Location: Chocolate Pops (matching with CaramelCream’s!)
Favorite Food: Any kind of treat
Age: ???
Stage: 4
Status: NUFT! Please don’t ask.
CaramelCream’s very best friend in the whole wide world they need to stay together.

please take this little guy! i'm so sad you're quitting :[
thank you so much for being my first online friend. i'll miss you so much. you're amazing, and i wish you the very best of luck irl <3
-Love, @boba

About Innu Eggs

Don't mistake the Innu egg for a sponge cake with caramel on top! It's a creature egg.

About the Innu Creature

The Innu is a very friendly and cute dog breed that retains many of its endearing puppy characteristics, in both look and temperament, throughout its lifetime. As a result, they're a lot of work, especially as they get older. Many Innu owners report, "When will this dog grow up?" With an Innu, the answer is never.

If you're up for that... you're in luck with an Innu.