Crighton the Greenold

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18 Mar 2020
16 Dec 2021
3 Oct 2022
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Adopted On: March 18, 2020
Adopted From: The Cave
Hatched: December 16, 2021
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About Greenold Eggs

Oh, 'tis a bonny day that bring you luck to find a wee Greenold egg! The leprechaun leave them hidden about in the fields and vales after they've been foolish enough to snatch them from their mothers' nests. It's alright, of course, as they do blend right in with their little leaves and such! And the leprechaun never stay to watch, least they run into an irate parent! Not so set on mischief with a new dawn, the wee beggars!

About the Greenold Creature

But should you handle your precious gift gently and keep it warm, the delightful sprite will soon crack open to show you just how beautiful the true of green can be. These lovelies are the close cousins to the Dragold and, perchance, to the Youngolds as well. They do not, thank ye very much, share the same penchants for hoardin' and general selfishness as those. In fact Greenolds consider them the rude and insufferable relatives that we all know about! Besides, caves and dark dens are never a welcome place to pass the time.

Many of the lucky folk who find an egg or a youngling keep them happily for years as pets and look forward to the annual egg laying season that officially begins at St. Patrick's Day.