Maastricht the Goryl

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30 May 2020
15 Oct 2020
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About Goryl Eggs

This egg looks as if it were being wrapped and squeezed by another creature's finger! Strange...

About the Goryl Creature

The Goryl is an undead gorilla, animated by an ancient power that is thought to take up residence in close proximity to graveyards around Ark. Goryl eggs themselves are found in these graveyards and grow from the Goryl plant and are the plant's flower. The eggs themselves can stay dormant for centuries before hatching and being animated. In addition to a seemingly long incubation period, the eggs themselves are also incredibly rare. They say that only dozens spawn from the Goryl plant in the span of a decade.

Goryls shrink and hide away from other living beings, including Arkians and their creatures. For this reason, Goryls are not a major threat to others. They keep to themselves and stay in secluded areas.

Graveyards are closely monitored by the Science and Research Center in Ark City for the purposes of observing Goryl plants and eggs.