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About Zorb Eggs

When lightning strikes the land of Ark, you won't find a simple crater, or a charred patch of earth. When lightning strikes... Zorbs are born. These strange eggs are formed when lightning dashes through thunderhead clouds and strikes the ground. The eerie glow of the thunderbolt lingers and the ground surrounding the strike seemed to crackle with electricity. Those brave enough to seek out the lightning strikes have come to learn that this is where these legendary creatures come from. Though, claiming one is a different task altogether.

Zorb eggs are not quite eggs... but larva. With two spiked legs and an almost slithery body, they are difficult to capture. Quick and static charged, they must be handled with care and caution or you'll wind up with more of a jolt than you bargained for.

About the Zorb Creature

When Zorbs begin to grow, they cause small meteorological disturbances. In their young stage, it may be simple rain clouds or the area they dwell in being particularly charged with electricity. But the older they get, the more untamable their powers are. The small rain clouds become just like the thunderheads that brought them into existence. The static begins to arc and jump like bolts of lightning. Just being near an adolescent Zorb is enough to make your hair stand on end and your teeth feel like they're vibrating.

But Zorbs are not bad creatures. In fact, when a Zorb reaches adulthood they are quite the opposite. When a Zorb reaches the final stage, its power becomes too difficult and too dangerous to contain on land. Lightning strikes meet the ground within miles of a fully grown Zorb and become a signal that it's time for it to carry out its purpose. Zorbs are responsible for a mesmerizing natural phenomenon known as reverse lightning. When their power becomes too great, they charge their electricity until it propels them into the sky, where they latch on to dark and thunderous clouds, becoming the lightning within them.