Lizardbreath- the Lizlord

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About Lizlord Eggs

This egg is both strange and intriguing to you at the same time. You lean closer in. There is something about its glow that suggests it has magical powers. "An egg from the gods..."

About the Lizlord Creature

Baby Lizlords can be found quickly scurrying across the Cave's floor as you enter the Cave. How cute! They're quick and even squeak a little bit when they exert force to jump over large boulders. When they are young, they're a bit jumpy and don't let anything too close to them.

Initially, they pose no threat as young dragons. But only months after hatching, their growth is supercharged and they quickly evolve into a force to be reckoned with—and feared. Lizlords eventually posses 12-inch long, sharp claws that can pierce stones and metal itself. They then begin to breathe fire and direct it toward anything and anyone that displeases them.

Lizlords are no pets—they are among the most dangerous and feared lizard-dragons, gods of the Cave.