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31 Oct 2020
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21 Nov 2020
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~ Collisions - instances of one moving object or person striking violently against another ~
Wow...I was in my first (and pretty major) car accident in my life. Sitting behind the passenger seat, the white Corolla was driving on Miami Road when a black vehicle drove through a red light on E Galbraith Road. The Corolla hit the black car and the hood was completely destroyed. I don't know about the car yet. Currently feeling sore: hit, back, neck, and right arm (where the air bag hit it).

Thanks Sparklefox!

About Trick Eggs

A black egg that suddenly appear out of thin air? Spooky! These eggs are only found during Halloween. Citizens of Ark have reported when out trick-or-treating that they heard a crackle and the ominous egg appeared.

About the Trick Creature

Seeing a Trick's shadow isn't a good omen. Well, for your candy. Tricks love stealing candy and have many tricks up their wings. They're quick, agile creatures that prefer to be not seen. The SAR Center used to have difficulty studying them when they're darting around the lab but when given candy and a home to return to, they become loyal. Tricks may not come back for days due to them enjoying flying around but they'll always return home when its Halloween. It's a different Halloween when you have a Trick by your side. With their sensitive nose and swift wings, they'll fill your bag with goodies in no time!

Tricks have another side than stealing candy and party time personality. No matter if they're enjoying their night time flight or tricking cats into jumping into rosebushes, they'll always immediately set a course home if their companion is feeling down. They reveal a gently and caring side of them. They'll do tricks or funny faces or anything that'll bring a smile or laugh.

Why are Tricks always carrying a trick-or-treat bag? It seems that all Tricks are born with one. Their home when they're young. When Tricks grow their white creamy fur, the trick-or-treat bag becomes a place to stash candy in. The white fur is very soft and Tricks only allow their human companion to touch it.