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27 Aug 2023
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About Nomtuk Eggs

Nomtuk eggs are found near areas with an abundant supply of water. Nomtuk eggs absorb water through the spikes that grow from the egg to obtain all of the nutrients necessary to hatch. The nutrients absorbed from the water also allow the spikes to secrete a toxin that protects the egg from predators. As the Nomtuk egg has no control over the concentration of the toxin, the slightest touch could prove to be fatal. It is because of this that not touching a Nomtuk egg is an unspoken rule.

As the egg prepares to hatch, high pitched yelps can be heard frequently from inside of the egg. These high pitched yelps are actually the baby Nomtuk calling out to its mother. As soon as the mother returns the call letting the baby know its safe, a newborn Nomtuk is soon to emerge.

About the Nomtuk Creature

Nomtuks are known to be rather hostile towards the citizens of Ark. It is because of this that not many are owned by Arkians.

From the moment they hatch, Nomtuks have a fascination for the size of their spikes. Younger Nomtuks often gather in groups to wrestle and observe the spikes of the other Nomtuks. Even when the spikes of a Nomtuk are damaged, they have the ability to naturally regenerate them very quickly. The toxins Nomtuks secrete are used in moderation and are reserved for times of true danger or distress. The horns on the Nomtuk are not poisonous in anyway but can be used to fight off other creatures or to communicate with other Nomtuks. It may sting, but if a Nomtuk wraps its tail around your arm, it is a sign of strong affection.

Nomtuks are excellent at adapting to their enviornment. The scales that run down the underside of the Nomtuk serve as natural insulation which can protect against harsh cold. In extreme heat, the Nomtuk can use their tail to fan themselves. Their hooves allow them to run quickly on land, and their flexible tails allow them to swim very quickly. Despite the ability to live in essentially any environment they choose, Nomtuks prefer to lurk around murky-swamp like areas to camouflage themselves.

Every year, groups of Nomtuks vanish and it is currently not known where they go. Many Arkians speculate that they may be harboring some dark secret...