Zekkarioka the Zekka

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3 Apr 2021
25 Mar 2022
13 May 2022
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About Zekka Eggs

This egg shimmers in the sunlight and is enveloped in a bouquet of flowers. A little bunny paw print marks the egg; this print is unique and will be the same as the creature that grows inside.

About the Zekka Creature

When the Zekka first hatches, they have not yet come into full bloom. It will take many more months before they reach their final adult stage. Once they're an adult, they come into full bloom and can fill a room up with a wide array of scents that range from blackberry, orange, lavender, and rose.

Many high-end fashion lines use Zekka flowers as an ingredient for their perfumes. Removing Zekka flowers does no harm to the creature and they grow back rather quickly which makes it an environmentally-friendly, sustainable ingredient.