Spectrier the Iccilah

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1 Jun 2021
1 Jun 2021
3 Jun 2021
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Spectrier: A Ghost-type, horse-like Legendary Pokemon.

About Iccilah Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for June 2012.

Beware: egg causes freezing burns.

About the Iccilah Creature

Iccilahs are dark creatures, horrible demons made in The Fiery Shadows. They are completely made of ice. Iccilahs, unlike many creatures in Ark, seek to do harm to Ark residents and other creatures. They enjoy creating evil mischief and havoc through Iccilah swarms. They are quite difficult to ward off because of their lightning-fast movements and ability to teleport, but break easily when smashed with human flesh.

Iccilah, above everything, cannot stand exposed human blood. They flee at the presence of it.