Mildreth the Paroxy

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4 Jul 2021
6 Dec 2022
22 Dec 2022
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🐈 Mildreth the Paroxy 🐈
My dream pet. Hoping to buy the name Mildred for her!
Brought home as a male egg on December 6, 2022. Gender swapped and fed.
Thank you for the trade, @sapphire12!

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Mildreth's Favorite and Future Travels 😻

First: Fresh Spring Flowers
CaveCash: Starry Palm Beach, Murder Of Crows, Pulchritudinous Jungle Sunset
Trinket: Icy Grass (Quarina Stage 2), Grasslands (Cloveater Stage 3), Seeing Eye (Kaihon Stage 1)
Future: Cherry Blossoms, Easter Flame, The Frozen Tundra, Upward

Mildreth's travel info was last updated on October 16, 2023.

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About Paroxy Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for July 2012.

Paroxy eggs make a purring noise just before they are about to hatch. The noise is quite soft and easy to miss though. But being present for Paroxy egg hatching is one of the most cute things you can witness.

About the Paroxy Creature

Paroxy are among the more cuddly of creatures. They enjoy being close to their masters and being held. Paroxy often get uneasy and easily scared when they're away from their master or are in the hands of an unknown new acquaintance.

Studies have shown that Paroxy who spend more time with their masters live longer. Inversely, Paroxy who spend a lot of time away from their masters live shorter spans.