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6 Dec 2022
22 Dec 2022
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🫧 Important Information 🫧

Feeding: My only account that is feed friendly is @daisycat; I'm very relaxed with feeding, meaning you can feed any, all, or none on my main, I don't mind if you don't feed any though; if I feed your pets or feed back, I don't usually post on your wall that I fed.

Trading: If you're looking for something, feel free to ask and I will check if I have it! :} Trying to keep any sides I have more discreet due to users feeding pets that I wouldn't like evolving. Please don't go looking for my sides lol; if you come across one, please just move along or at least don't click or feed anyone. ;c

Messaging: Message me if you ever need someone to talk to, if you're bored, sad, want a friend, need to vent, or have any type of question; messages are always welcome, though my reply time varies.

Friend Requests: Always open. :-) (I've never sent one myself because I'd feel like a bother lol, but I'm happy to accept!)

Pings: I don't mind if you ping me! If you, yourself, don't like to be pinged, go to Account Controls to turn them off.

Creature Collabs: I prefer to work alone, but if you would really like to collab, don't hesitate to ask because I won't get upset and I might say yes (might lol).

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And some other information...

Egg Cave Hot Takes 🦕 aka opinions that could get me in trouble
Quick feed, to me, means 15 or less pets. :,)
I'm not really into feeding contests. I may join one, very rarely, but I'll often just fall off from it and stop participating.
It seems silly to get upset about being pinged. You can turn pings off in Preferences > Account Controls.
Creators of species should have first chance at their species name. If it's a new word that "doesn't exist" then the first of its kind will be given to them with the species name. If they don't care for it, they can sell or trade it or just change the name. That being said, if someone suggests a creature with a unique (untaken) name, and doesn't just rename one of their pets, in anticipation of the new creature being chosen, then yeah the name is free game lol.
I like how small coves look (20 or less).

Creature Preferences 🌷
I tend to prefer cutesy creatures without anything on them; clear, simple artwork that isn't crowded and has less going on; baby animals; there are some where they're so busy looking, I can't figure out what begins where and what this part goes to and where the basic anatomy is heh... *hides*
I prefer domestic cat creatures, baby birds, rodents, and bugs, with the aforementioned details.
I don't like primate creatures and I'm super picky with dog creatures.
I find that many of the travels look too busy for my liking and cause the critter to get lost or blend in, so I like a contrasting background that makes the pet pop.
I collect cave common Alkubs and Teckarcks, feel free to send any unwanted!
Favorite Creatures: Smitten (❤️), Paroxy (adult) and Venafera (baby) if I have to narrow it!


You Can Find Me... 🪺
Searching for my goal creatures or gifts.
Creating spontaneous poems for each of my pets.
Helping others when I can.
Chatting with cool peeps.
Slowly curating travels.
Hunting for orange cat items.
Playing with code (I update pages probably too often lol).


Firsts and Accomplishments ☔
First Creature: Stroina
Oasis: Bunthoff
Thief Shop: Soetzel
Stars: Dinno, Farlot, Frice, Ringtail, Yazan
VEND: Irel


Creature Suggestions 🍒
Chipmint: Mint chocolate chip ice cream chipmunk.
Chaseheart: Conversation Hearts candy butterfly collab with @lululoo.
Vaneqi: Forest cat collab with @moonflower (I wrote the description).
Smitten: S'mores kitten collab with @twinkle. Chosen for February 2023 CSP! Thank you so much! And big compliments to the artist, it's so adorable!!
Grizko: Strawberry-dwelling hamster collab with @miraeggs (I drew new artwork).


🐈 Mildred the Paroxy 🐈
My dream pet. Hoping to buy the name Mildred for her!
Brought home as an egg on December 6, 2022. Gender swapped and fed.
Thank you for the trade, @sapphire12!
Thank you for the Starry Palm Beach travel, @twinkle!

I have a secret side account that I use for gift storage up until the gifting date. If you really know me, you may be able to tell it's me. If you think you know, please don't say anything anywhere because I'd like for it to remain as hidden and anonymous as possible for future gifts and such! 😊

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This page was last updated on January 27, 2023.

About Paroxy Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for July 2012.

Paroxy eggs make a purring noise just before they are about to hatch. The noise is quite soft and easy to miss though. But being present for Paroxy egg hatching is one of the most cute things you can witness.

About the Paroxy Creature

Paroxy are among the more cuddly of creatures. They enjoy being close to their masters and being held. Paroxy often get uneasy and easily scared when they're away from their master or are in the hands of an unknown new acquaintance.

Studies have shown that Paroxy who spend more time with their masters live longer. Inversely, Paroxy who spend a lot of time away from their masters live shorter spans.