Kleos the Sessir

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10 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021
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Kleos: A Greek word that can mean "glory" or "renown".

Acquired in an auction from @sinthr and was originally named "_sessau2". Overpayed quite a bit because the date means something to me.

About Sessir Eggs

This egg is thought to carry the mark of the divine. Similar symbols can be found in the newly-excavated pyramids of the Northern Plains.

About the Sessir Creature

In the Old Age of the Pyramids, Sessirs were thought to be gods because of their elaborate headdresses that they wore. These headdresses were meant to symbolize that Sessirs were not ordinary creatures of the island but were from another divine place. As the pyramids have been excavated, it is thought that Sessirs were the primary rulers of the lands and that their authority and power were unquestioned. They ruled for centuries based on the little history the Science and Research Center in Ark City knows of the Old Age.

The Sessir also carries the symbol of the scarab which symbolizes immortality, resurrection, and rebirth.