Kohakunushi the Lazzar

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1 Oct 2021
12 Feb 2022
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2nd of its kind.

About Lazzar Eggs

This egg contains the essence of fire and air. A mysterious, powerful force animates its movements... its flame seems hot and volatile.

About the Lazzar Creature

Lazzars are able to mimic the lighting conditions around them which gives them the ability to become invisible. What they cannot hide, however, is the enormous amount of heat they emit. If you're in a spooky place, don't see anything, but feel heat, a Lazzar may be nearby.

Lazzars can create white-hot rings that are portals to other locations—they have the ability to teleport. When a Lazzar creates a teleportation ring, it creates a blinding flash of fire and loud crack sound due to the displacement of air between the two endpoints.

Lazzars often use their rings to haunt others. They do not necessarily use them for transportation by themselves.

The Science and Research Center in Ark City is researching Lazzar rings but has never been able to study the effects of teleportation in a controlled, scientific environment.