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21 Oct 2021
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About Fangtharp Eggs

Fangtharp eggs have many distinctive markings that make it easily identifiable to all. The egg itself is in the shape of the paw of an adult Fangtharp. One of the most unique aspects of this egg is that the general shape, outline, and color of the paw can determine various personality characteristics of its full-grown counterpart. The popular "Fangtharp Trade Swap" occurs annually in Leila where owners can exchange their egg for another in the hope that its personality will be more compatible with their own.

About the Fangtharp Creature

Fangtharp are believed to be one of the oldest species living on Ark. Remains of their eggs have been found to be dated back to the infamous Nipha War. Fully-grown Fangtharp are regarded as very wise and are respected even by creatures of other species. Rumor has it that Fangtharp often visit Arkians in dreams with visions of major events to come. These visions are not to be taken lightly, however. The Science and Research Center has a special hotline available for those who believe they have been contacted by a Fangtharp elder. In this way, many events, such as volcano eruptions and flash floods, have been successfully dealt with.