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1 Dec 2021
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Ilex /ˈaɪlɛks/
a tree or shrub of a genus that includes holly and its relatives.

About Follet Eggs

This egg is only found at the North Pole among Santa's helpers.

About the Follet Creature

Follets are Santa's perfect helpers at the North Pole. They have the ability to lift heavy objects and fly, which make them well suited for transporting the heavier loads that need to be organized at the North Pole.

Follets are incredibly cute and many Arkians want them as pets, but they don't make good companions. They're fiercely independent, do not like to cuddle, and dash and zoom around very quickly while flying (they're essentially fairies). Follets are also ornery and often organize an annual prank on Santa himself.

Santa always laughs about it.