Afflix the Rubedopus

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1 Feb 2022
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About Rubedopus Eggs

Rubedopus eggs can only be created by highly skilled alchemists. Many alchemists will consider the creation of a Rubedopus a step to completing their Magnum Opus.

About the Rubedopus Creature

A Rubedopus is living proof of an alchemist's skill and craft. A potion of grace and passion given life and form. So skilled is the magic that goes into the creating a Rubedopus that not only does it live and breath but grows and changes along with it's creator. The Rubedopus is intrinsically bound to the alchemist who created it and it can not be given away or sold to another. Doing so will cause the Rubedopus to fall ill as it pines for its creator. If kept apart from its creator the magic giving live to the Rubedopus will eventually dissipate and all that will be left is some glittering residue as the Rubedopus fades away.