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About Garguaith Eggs

Hmm... this egg seems a bit precarious. Who knows what will happen to it... and who knows what monstrous creature it may be growing inside.

About the Garguaith Creature

Garguaith are a dangerous species of mutated plants that grow toward the middle of Ark's most overgrown areas. If you ever venture out there, expect to find Garguaith lurking. How Garguaith eggs arrive in the Egg Cave is a mystery. Some say "Maestro Garguaith" lives deep within the Egg Cave, but all who have ventured far back into the cave to investigate this have never returned. There is a long time species rivalry between Flor and Garguaith; for some odd reason, both seem to want to occupy Ark City. Thankfully Flor are the ones who roam Ark City... for now.