Willani the Lessama

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15 Jun 2022
16 Oct 2022
23 Aug 2022
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Named after Chromodoris willani, a species of sea slug

About Lessama Eggs

This egg moves slowly on the ocean floor. The color of this egg blends in with many types of coral and is difficult to find.

About the Lessama Creature

The Lessama has poisonious skin and also eats other prey that contain poison; instead of the poison of the prey killing the Lessama, the Lessama stores the poison and releases it in their own skin as protection against other predators. The Lessama are also both male and female at the same time and contain both sets of organs. So, when they mate, they both release eggs.

The Lessama are known to eat one another. They're cannibals! They may eat another dead Lessama or attack a live one and eat it. Not surprisingly, larger Lessama often prey on smaller Lessama.