Lyrid the Galiscope

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5 Aug 2022
5 Aug 2022
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Lyrid: The Lyrids are one of the oldest recorded meteor showers. Occurs annually around mid to late April.

Bought in an auction from @pauloacacio, originally named "Gal050822". Expected to be outbid whilst offline, but alright. Maybe it's "worthless" because it's not release date...

About Galiscope Eggs

Galiscope eggs have begun appearing in select shops in Faela City.

About the Galiscope Creature

The story that is told about the creation of the first Galiscope is that a pair of Udineam artisans drew inspiration from the flickering lights of a cloud of Manafly. The pair debated the idea of semi-aware contraptions that would be able to grow and adapt to a user's needs. Both were fascinated by the idea. It was not long after that the pair decided to test the idea and the first Galiscope was created. Much like the Manafly, Galiscopes are infused with a spark of magic, just enough to allow it to grow and to give it a rudimentary consciousness. This gives each Galiscope a basic personality but not true sentience. Many amateur astronomers are pleased with the performance and adaptability of their Galiscopes.